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Documentation standards for commands

Here are some references for shell script developers, man page creators, README writers, etc. While documentation styles are a bit haphazard and vary with OS and programming language, there are some standards.

For man pages see man-pages(7). What does that mean? You open a terminal window then type:

man 7 man-pages

The GNU project has some guidelines on writing software manuals. They recommend using Texinfo to create them.

The Debian Policy Manual says where the different documentation files should be located but not what they should look like.

The most detailed standard I've found is the Open Group Base Specifications utility conventions and typographical conventions.

I'm not going to admit to following these but please post any other IT technical writing style guides you know of. :D


gavenkoa said...

Look to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIL-STD-498

jhansonxi said...

Thanks. Looks useful but I don't want to know how many of my tax dollars were involved in writing it.

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