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FontPage on Wine

I was trying to get capella reader to operate on Wine but it couldn't find it's custom music notation fonts. Definitely a compatibility bug there but I also encountered a problem with Wine 0.9.49 not finding fonts in the windows/fonts directory. To get them to show up at all I had to stick them in ~/.fonts and relogin. To verify that they were registered correctly by Wine I used an old Windows freeware program, FontPage. It worked perfectly. The only issues were that it required the Visual Basic 6 runtime and threed32.ocx wouldn't load. The VB6 runtime will not install but if you run it with "vbrun60sp6.exe /C" it will extract the dlls and you can copy them to the windows/system32 folder (don't overwrite anything). The threed32.ocx problem I solved by looking at the Wine messages when I tried to start FontPage from a terminal. It needs mfc40.dll to be installed in windows/system32.

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