Diary and notebook of whatever tech problems are irritating me at the moment.


blog start

It's created. Now I have to remember to post regularly without ranting.


Wolfger said...

"Without ranting"? Is it still a blog without a rant?

jhansonxi said...

Ranting, like flame wars, wastes time. I prefer to find the solution and move on. I've been in enough flame wars to realize the winner is always the one who has more time to waste.

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Omnifarious Implementer = I do just about everything. With my usual occupations this means anything an electrical engineer does not feel like doing including PCB design, electronic troubleshooting and repair, part sourcing, inventory control, enclosure machining, label design, PC support, network administration, plant maintenance, janitorial, etc. Non-occupational includes residential plumbing, heating, electrical, farming, automotive and small engine repair. There is plenty more but you get the idea.